Reports against mtfilo


Destroyed a blaze grinder.

The snitch didn't get the repeaters but I had just been at the grinder about 30 minutes prior to the incident and there's no question as to who destroyed that part of it.

Willing to pay 10d plus 5 stacks of coal to store him.

Edit: He left the actual spawner intact, it was the grinder that was torn apart.

posted about 4 years ago

mtfilo and eKx_illuzion pearled me and dropped my pearl on the ground. They are looting and greifing in Mount Augusta. At the time they were at the portal mining out under neath it. They stole an e5 pick, e2 d axe, a snitch, an enchanted d sword, full prot d armor, 3d, 13i, stack of bread, and various other stuff from my inventory. Link to ct tag

edit: also 50 obsidian

posted about 4 years ago

Attacking the two settlements of Yugoslavia and SPQR. Pictures provides are from the SPQR standpoint and end when he crosses the river to attack us. He fled after a Gondolin forces showed up to assist.

64d for his pearl and any alts.

posted about 4 years ago