Reports against mattamattress


Placed snitches illegally within Fellowship.

Did not mean the ultimatum set here:

posted almost 2 years ago

The illegal snitching of commonwealth,the bounty will remain up until he has agreed to remove the snitches, if the removal is not completed within 24hours of the agreeance then the bounty will once again be legitimate.

The bounty is collectable for every alt of his captured up until 2 alts are captured.

posted over 3 years ago

Lava griefed base

posted over 3 years ago

I was doing a land-survey as part of an official thread to determine which parts of The Trading Company's building's occupied territory is illegal when one of the co-owners mattamattress murdered me:

I'm afraid I am unable to confirm how much the bounty will be worth at this time.

My IGN is Jon2600

EDIT: Watch out for Shadedjon, he's friends with Matta and is now claiming the murder is justified.

posted about 4 years ago